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Welcome to BeeSafe

Our Mission

Lowering Statistics 

In the last year, over 1 million people were diagnosed with HIV. BeeSafe is focused on lowering this statistic for the next generation through our movement of awareness and protection. BeeSafe is here to protect you.


Spread Awareness

Every hour of every day, 2 young adults are infected with HIV. That is over 17,000 of our youth facing a life altering change every day. BeeSafe wants to fight this through awareness and through this effort, we can decrease this number. 


Young Adults

The youth are our future and BeeSafe’s goal is to support them. By doing our part in preventing the spread of STDs, young adults will be able to stay educated and continue the movement of change. 



Partnering with Non-profits

By combining our efforts with those of other companies, BeeSafe is determined to bring change to the world through protecting our youth and creating awareness across the globe. With other’s help and support, our message will be heard.  



Our Products


BeeSafe Original

This is our original and trademark condom. Designed not only as a contraceptive but also to promote awareness and help lower HIV.

Boom Boom

The Boom Boom condom was designed with young adults in mind. It's created and marketed towards the younger generation.


Company Info

BeeSafe condoms is dedicated to promoting awareness for here, now and generations to come; we aim to protect you. 

Contact Us

Phone No : 1 (844) 923-3723

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